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Ruben Komangapik

Ruben Komangapik—Inuit sculptor, carver, jeweler, metalworker, performing artist, and musician—is best known for his


Elisha Kilabuk, the youngest of fourteen siblings, was born and raised in Iqaluit. He

Simon Awa

Simon Awa was born and raised at a traditional outpost camp near Igloolik. Over

Seeglook Akeeagok

Seeglook Akeeagok (1955-2010) was the Regional Manager of Wildlife for the Qikiqtaaluk (Baffin Region)

Ibi Kaslik

Ibi Kaslik is an internationally published novelist and freelance writer. Her novel The Angel Riots was

Katia Bailetti

Katia Bailetti is a mother and licensed, practicing naturopathic doctor who specializes in children’s health.

Odile Nelson

Odile Nelson is an Inhabit Media author. Books by Odile Nelson: Moe and Malaya Visit

Anna Ziegler

Anna Ziegler lives in Iqaluit, where she works at Nunavut Arctic College as an

Aalasi Joamie

Aalasi Joamie was born in Inukjuak, Quebec. Her family moved to Pangnirtung when she

Mark Kalluak

Mark Kalluak was born in 1942 and raised in the traditional Inuit lifestyle in