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Interviews on Inuit Family Values Through interviews with current elders from three regions of


Strange Creatures and Fantastic Beings from Inuit Myths and Legends, Volume One, Second Edition

Uumajut, Volume Two

Learn About Arctic Wildlife! Picking up where Uumajut: Learn About Arctic Wildlife! left off,


An Introduction to Inuit Myths and Legends This exhaustive story collection makes the rich

The Qalupalik

All Inuit know about the qalupaliit, strange creatures that live under the sea ice

Unipkaaqtuat Arvianit: Volume Two

Traditional Inuit Stories from Arviat In this second volume of traditional stories told and

Unikat Inukpasugjuit Miksanut

Stories of Giants Experience the exciting world of arctic giants through traditional tales from

Arctic Giants

In ancient times, giants ruled the Arctic. For hundreds of years, Inuit stories of

Childhood Vaccinations

Answers to Your Questions Few issues can cause such widespread confusion—and even panic—as vaccination.

Tales from the Tundra

A Collection of Inuit Stories A book of fables like no other! Learn why