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Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants: An Inuit Elder’s Perspective

Edible and Medicinal Arctic Plants: An Inuit Elder’s Perspective Revised edition of Walking with Aalasi

Siuluk: The Last Tuniq

Siuluk is a very strong man. He’s so strong that people tell him he

The Muskox and the Caribou

Baby Muskox is all alone on the tundra, lost and very worried. When Mother

Animals Illustrated: Bowhead Whale

Animals Illustrated mixes fun-filled animal facts suitable for the youngest of readers with intricately

Reawakening Our Ancestors’ Lines: Revitalizing Inuit Traditional Tattooing

For thousands of years, Inuit women practised the traditional art of tattooing. Created with

Elisapee and Her Baby Seagull

When Elisapee’s father brings home a baby seagull, Elisapee falls in love with the


Talittuq is excited to start his first day of grade two. He is looking


One beautiful spring morning, a group of friends go seal hunting so they can

The Gnawer of Rocks

While everyone is busy preparing for the coming winter, two girls wander away from

Sukaq and the Raven

Sukaq loves to drift off to sleep listening to his mother tell him stories.