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Kiviuq and the Mermaids

Kiviuq, one of the greatest and most important characters in Inuit mythology, is said to have

Fishing With Grandma

Adventure begins when Grandma takes her two grandchildren out for a trip to the lake. After showing

The Caterpillar Woman

“She felt like the butterflies she once danced with by her favourite lake, freed from her cocoon.”

Leah’s Mustache Party

Four-year-old Leah loved being a pirate for Halloween. She never considered being a princess or a fairy, no

Kamik’s First Sled

Jake’s puppy Kamik is growing quickly, but the dog isn’t becoming any easier to

A Walk on the Shoreline

Like A Walk on the Tundra, A Walk on the Shoreline introduces young readers to unique

Wild Eggs: A Tale of Arctic Egg Collecting

Akuluk is not very excited about visiting Nunavut for her vacation. She would rather

Way Back Then

Kudlu’s children will not go to sleep until he tells them a story of

Our First Caribou Hunt

Nutaraq and Simonie are eager to go on their first hunting trip with their

Stories of Survival and Revenge

From Inuit Folklore Stories of Survival and Revenge presents three action-packed Inuit folktales: the stories