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The Hidden

A Compendium of Arctic Giants, Dwarves, Gnomes, Trolls, Faeries and Other Strange Beings from

Aglu Hunting

A Guide for Young Hunters This book provides easy-to-follow directions for completing a successful


Arctic Weather and Climate Through the Eyes of Nunavut’s Children Compiled from writing, poetry,

The Legend of Lightning and Thunder

In The Legend of Lightning and Thunder, a traditional legend that has been told

Inuinnaqtun English Dictionary

The only Inuinnaqtun-language dictionary in Canada, this indispensable reference compiles nearly two thousand terms in


Join Kalla as he visits the circus and discovers the many fun-filled ways numbers,

Games of Survival

Traditional Inuit Games for Elementary School Students Traditionally, Inuit played games in order to


Discovering Arctic Ecology The Arctic is not a barren, frigid landscape filled with only


An Inuit Puppy Story When Jake finally gets a puppy to call his own,

Ava and the Little Folk

The most magical things can come in tiny packages! In the Arctic, tales of