Discovering Arctic Ecology

avati_cover_smThe Arctic is not a barren, frigid landscape filled with only ice and snow. It is a complex ecosystem that contains many thriving habitats, each supported by dozens of ecological relationships between plants and animals. From the many animals that live and hunt at the floe edge, to the hundreds of insects that abound on the summer tundra, this book gives a detailed bird’s-eye view of the fascinating ways that animals, plants, and insects coexist in the Arctic ecosystem.

Written by Mia Pelletier  | Illustrated by Sara Otterstätter

Paperback (English) ISBN: 978-1-77227-294-9 | $12.95 | 10″ x 8″ | 44 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout

ᐊᕙᑎ Paperback (Inuktitut) ISBN: 978-1-927095-14-0 | $10.95 | 10″ x 8″ | 32 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout

Ages 7–9 | F&P Level T


Avati is highly recommended for elementary school and public libraries, and any library collecting arctic children’s books.” — Polar Libraries Bulletin