Nunatsiaq News Reviews We Love You as Much as the Fox Loves its Tail

Nunatsiaq News reviews We Love You as Much as the Fox Loves its Tail, written by Masiana Kelly and illustrated by Tamara Campeau.

“Bright oranges, reds and pinks spread across the pages of the book like an Arctic sunset. Lush bright scenes filled with wildflowers, rolling green tundra and Arctic wildlife abound throughout the book. . . . The words of the story are like a poem or lullaby about love, beauty and appreciation for the many animals that call tundra and the northern sea home. . . . [Kelly] hopes readers in the south will be inspired to come and visit the North one day so ‘they get firsthand experience [and] see what these wonderful places are really like. We have to celebrate not only Indigenous history, but Indigenous joy and Indigenous triumphs.’”

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