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Counting Arctic Animals

One bowhead whale! Two polar bears! Three orcas! Join Kuluk and Asa as they

Akpa’s Journey

After thick-billed murre Akpa emerges from his egg, high on an Arctic cliff, he

The Three Hunters

Akagaq, the youngest brother of three, is confident but forgetful. When he gets caught

The Ugly Place

A child makes their way along the Arctic shoreline on a dark day. Everything

Inuit Inngiusingit: A Collection of Inuit Choral Music II

Inuit Inngiusingit: A Collection of Inuit Choral Music II is a practical music educational

Inuunira: My Story of Survival

In this harrowing survival story, Brian Koonoo takes off on a hunting trip in

Una Huna?: Ukpik Learns to Sew

Ukpik’s mother is eager to teach Ukpik how to prepare caribou skin, dry it,

Tanna’s Lemming

In this follow-up to the critically acclaimed Tanna’s Owl, Tanna finds a small, grey

Putuguq and Kublu and the Attack of the Amautalik!

In each new adventure, Putuguq and Kublu learn about an element of Inuit mythology

Animals Illustrated: Ringed Seal

ᐆᒪᔪᖖᒍᐊᑦ ᑎᑎᖅᑐᒐᖅᓯᒪᔪᑦ ᐱᖃᓯᐅᑎᓪᓗᒋᑦ ᐆᒪᔪᐃᑦ ᒥᒃᓵᓄᑦ ᑐᓴᕈᒥᓇᖅᑐᑦ ᐅᖃᓕᒫᖅᑎᕋᓛᖑᓂᖅᐹᓄᑦ ᓈᒻᒪᒃᑐᑦ ᑎᑎᖅᑐᒐᑦᑎᐊᖅᓯᒪᓪᓗᑎᒃ ᐊᔾᔨᐅᖖᒋᑦᑐᓂᒃ ᑲᑎᖅᓱᒐᒃᓴᓂᒃ ᓱᕈᓯᖅᓯᐅᑎᓄᑦ ᐱᓪᓚᕆᒃᑐᓂᒃ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᓕᖕᓄᑦ