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In the Sky at Nighttime

In the sky at nighttime, the northern lights dance, a mother’s song sways on

Aiviq: Life with Walruses

Massive, elusive, and always deserving of respect, the walrus is one of the Arctic’s

The Pencil

Susan and her sister, Rebecca, love watching their mother write letters to people in


“Food is life. Food is the key to vitality, goodness, happiness, and a strong

Kiviuq and the Bee Woman

Kiviuq, one of the greatest and most important characters in Inuit mythology, is said

Simonie and the Dance Contest

Simonie loves to dance! When he sees a sign for Taloyoak’s annual Christmas Jigging

The Fox Wife

One cloudless night, a fox falls to earth and comes across a family of


“Takannaaluk” means “the one down there”—a term used in Canada’s High Arctic to refer

Common Fishes of Nunavut

Discover the rich and varied world of Nunavut’s many fishes in this comprehensive guide.

Una Huna?: What Is This?

Written by Susan Aglukark | Illustrated by Amanda Sandland and Danny Christopher October 2018