49th Shelf Recommends Sweetest Kulu and What’s My Superpower?

49th Shelf has recommended a number of children’s books for mental health week, including two Inhabit Media titles.

Sweetest Kulu is written by Celina Kalluk and illustrated by Alexandria Neonakis. 49th Shelf says that this book is “quietly empowering. This simple contemplation of the moment we are born shows the gifts Kulu receives from nature on the day of her birth. . . . The illustrations look like a dance. . . . The second person narrative directs the reader to feel those gifts, and to feel whole.”

What’s My Superpower is written by Aviaq Johnston and illustrated by Tim Mack. 49th Shelf writes that the book “follows Nalvana as she struggles to find her special talent. . . . It’s Nelvana’s mother who calls attention to the fact Nalvana’s already found her purpose, which is making other people feel good about themselves.”

You can read the full reviews and see the full list of recommended books here.