CanLit for Little Canadians Reviews I Am A Rock

CanLit for Little Canadians has reviewed I Am A Rock, written by Ashley Qilavaq-Savard and illustrated by Pelin Turgut.

“Never has a rock been less of an insentient thing than in Ashley Qilavaq-Savard’s I Am a Rock. For this child and his mother, this pet rock feels, sees, hears, and experiences all the seasons and life of an Arctic landscape, with or without its child by its side….Ashley Qilavaq-Savard gives us a story of companionship and feeling that speaks to consciousness and awareness. Miki Rock is as sentient as we are. It may not be able to grow or to move (or can it?) but its appreciation for what goes on around it is evident. It senses warmth and cold and feels excitement and joy. It may be Pauloosie’s Anaana who is giving that life to Miki Rock but, as a reader of I Am a Rock, I am convinced, as I’m sure Pauloosie is, that life exists within that rock.”

You can find the full review here.