An Oral History of Ravens

tulugaq_thumbRavens appear in mythology and folklore the world over. The result of ten years of research and interviews, Tulugaq examines the raven’s place in Canadian Arctic society and reveals a bird that is at times loved, mailigned, dreaded, and even revered. With dozens of photographs and stories from communities across Nunavut, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, Tulugaq is a visually stunning examination of one of the animal kingdom’s most complicated figures.

Collected by Kerry McCluskey  | Photographs by Kerry McCluskey and Others

November 2013

Paperback with French flaps ISBN: 978-1-927095-15-7 | $24.95 | 10″ x  8″ | 100 pages | Full-colour photographs throughout


“. . . [I]ncludes rich full-colour illustrations of the cunning birds engaged in various antics.” — Above & Beyond Canada’s Arctic Journal

“Most recount stories . . . [are] . . . told from generation to generation among Inuit . . . . Others tell more recent quirky anecdotes . . .” — Nunatsiaq