Siuluk: The Last Tuniq

Siuluk is a very strong man. He’s so strong that people tell him he must be the last of the Tuniit, friendly giants who once lived in the North. Just like those giants, Siuluk is so strong that he can carry an entire walrus over his shoulder.
But not everyone believes that Siuluk is strong. One day, when a group of men tease Siuluk about his size, he has to find a way to prove his strength once and for all—but how?

Based on traditional stories from the Chesterfield Inlet area of the Kivalliq region of Nunavut, this tale of Siuluk and his legendary strength will captivate young readers.

Written by Nadia Sammurtok | Illustrated by Rob Nix

April 2018

Paperback (English) ISBN: 978-1-77227-178-2 | $10.95 | 8″ x 9″ | 28 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout

Paperback (Inuktitut) ISBN: 978-1-77227-158-4 | $12.95 | 8″ x 9″ | 28 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout

Ages 5–7 | F&P Level N