Animals Illustrated: Wolverine

Huradjat titiraujaqhimajut ilauhimajut alianaqtut huradjanut qaujimajakhat nalaumajut nukaqhiinut taiguaqtunut titiraujattiaqhimajut pinniqtuliuriangita pihimajakhatik nutaqqat itquumajut taiguagakhat Ukiuqtaqtumi huradjanik. Tamaita taiguagakhat titiraqtuup ilitturijainik nunaqaqhuni Ukiuqtaqtumi, ilaujullu qaujimajakhat pitquhiinik timiqauhiitigut tamarmik huradjat.

Uvani taiguagakhami, nutaqqat ajuiqharniaqtut qanuq qalviit pamiqhivaktut ivamingnik, humi nunaqaqtut, hunanik nirivaktut aallakkullu qaujimajakhanik, imaa qanuq atuqpagaat tipiqquqtuuhiqtik imaalu qanuq niqikhaqhiuqtujuunguqhutik ariuhimajunik iqqakuunik!

Animals Illustrated mixes fun-filled animal facts suitable for the youngest of readers with intricately detailed illustrations to create a unique and beautiful collection of children’s non-fiction books about Arctic animals. Each volume contains first-hand accounts from authors who live in the Arctic, along with interesting facts on the behaviours and biology of each animal.

In this book, kids will learn how wolverines raise their babies, where they live, what they eat, and other interesting information, like how they use their distinctive scent and how they became known as the gluttons of the animal kingdom!

Written by Allen Niptanatiak | Illustrated by Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall

Hardcover (English) | ISBN: 978-1-77227-298-7 | $15.95 | 6.5″ x 9″ | 28 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout | Ages 6–8 | F&P Level P |

Paperback (Inuinnaqtun) | ISBN: 978-1-77227-327-4 | $12.95 | 6.5″ x 9″ | 28 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout | Ages 6–8 | F&P Level P |


“For animal-loving readers or those interested in learning more about wolverines in particular, the north, or the intersection of animals and Inuit peoples, Wolverine is a terrific introduction or starting point for a school project. Highly Recommended”—CM Magazine


Best Books for Kids and Teens — The Canadian Children’s Book Centre, 2022

Shortlisted — Red Cedar Book Award, 2022-2023