The Raven Boy

Una unipkaaffaaqtauhimajuq taimani Inuit unipkaatuqangat
Ualinirmit, inuujaq hanajauhimajaa aaquap hugijaujuittup
nuatqatiminit inuujaq angatkukhuni inunnguqtuq. Inuuhuktuq,
tulugaup higguanganik higgualik, pamiqtaa aaquap tiguaqhugu.
Inirninnguliqhuni inmiguuliqtuq, angunahualiqhuniuk
anngatagjuaq tariup itinirjuangani qikiqtaq angunahuarvikhani.

Uvani unipkaatuqami taiguaqtut ihumagitqulugit pitquhiit,
ikpigihuuhiit, ajunngidjuhiuhiit, nagliguhuuhiit, naglingnaqtunut.

In this retelling of an Inuit traditional story from the Western Arctic, a doll made by a poor old woman who is cast aside by her camp magically comes to life. The boy, with the beak of a raven from the materials the doll was crafted from, lives and is raised as the old woman’s son. When he is finally old enough to venture out on his own, he embarks on an epic journey to fight a beast from the depths of the ocean to create his own island world. This complex cautionary tale will leave readers pondering the values of empathy, vanity, and compassion for those less fortunate.

Written by Rosemarie Avrana Meyok | Illustrated by Marcus Cutler

Hardback (English) | ISBN: 978-1-77227-494-3 | $19.95 | 9.5″ x 9.5″ | 32 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout | Ages 6-8 | F&P Level N |

Paperback (Inuinnaqtun) | ISBN: 978-1-77227-530-8 | $14.95 | 9.5″ x 8″ | 28 pages | Full-colour illustrations throughout | Ages 6-8 | F&P Level N |