Illustrators Archive

Steve James

Steve James is originally from a small village in North Yorkshire, but he now lives

Miki Jacobsen

Miki Jacobsen is one of Greenland’s best-known and most highly regarded artists. In his

Jazmine Gubbe

Jazmine Gubbe is an illustrator from Ontario currently working in the animation industry. When she

Dayna B. Griffiths

Dayna B. Griffiths is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, with a passion for visual

Nate Wells

Nate Wells is an illustrator and designer living in Texas. While studying graphic design

Thamires Paredes

Thamires Paredes lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Brazil and has a

Pelin Turgut

Pelin Turgut is an illustrator, born and raised in Turkey. She completed her undergraduate

Rebecca Brook

Rebecca Brook is an artist working in the animation industry. While primarily a digital

Sydney Barnes

Sydney Barnes is an illustrator and book designer. She illustrated the children’s book Painted

Marcus Cutler

Marcus Cutler is both a children’s illustrator and an occasional climber of rocks. He