Ava and the Little Folk Book Study

A Walk On The Tundra
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Ava and the Little Folk

This unit consists of a series of four sessions focused on Ava and the Little Folk by Neil Christopher and Alan Neal. This book study seeks to bring an understanding of the relationship be¬tween identity and community into the learning experience. Learners will participate in a variety of reading, writing, oral communication, community inclusion, field study, and artistic activities that will expand their knowledge on the following topics of study: Identity, Friendship, and Community.
Over the course of the unit, learners will interview an elder, explore their community and traditional myths and legends, take part in a series of activities on the topic of friendship, and participate in an outdoor field study that will result in the creation of a community display. They will engage in a series of language activities involving parts of speech and sentence structure to improve and strengthen their writing skills. Learners will emerge from this unit with a deeper understanding of themselves and their community.