Globe and Mail: Five Books on Inuit Culture

The Globe and Mail published an article by Nadia Sammurtok about five books on Inuit culture that will enthrall young readers.

Four Inhabit Media titles were recommended: How Nivi Got Her Names, A Walk on the Shoreline, A Walk on the Tundra, and Our First Caribou Hunt.

“Nunavut came into Confederation in 1999 – that was just 20 years ago. But our literature has changed tremendously since then. As a child, I came across a few children’s stories in written form, but not many. I don’t remember reading much about the Qallupilluit, for example. Today, it is much easier to find ancient Inuit myths and fables; stories that are about Nunavut; stories that teach about the Inuit way of life and family life in books. I am certain there are several reasons why this is so, but one of them is that the creation of Nunavut has allowed our people to gain more knowledge, share more information and gain more confidence in who we are as a people and in our unique culture.”

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