CanLit for Little Canadians Reviews The Ugly Place

CanLit for Little Canadians reviews The Ugly Place, written by Laura Deal and illustrated by Emma Pedersen.

“Laura Deal, whose earlier picture books In the Sky at Nighttime and How Nivi Got Her Names share a northern perspective of culture and place, again takes us to a community of the tundra, of rocky terrains, gulls and Arctic sealife. It’s a place where a child can walk for great distances from town, ponder their moods and take the time for mindful appreciation beyond themselves. It’s a place for insight and reflection, thoughtfulness and solitude, all of which reverberate in Laura Deal’s text. Likewise, Toronto illustrator Emma Pedersen mirrors the moods of the child as they experience the ugly place and shift to acknowledgement of the beauty evident. The furrowed brows and hunched shoulders of a child among the harshness of a landscape teeming with grimacing components reflects the bitterness of their feelings and the gloom of the weather. But all is transformed with light and softness as joy returns.”

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