Hakai Magazine Recommends Counting Arctic Animals and Akpa’s Journey

Hakai Magazine lists two Inhabit Media books in their list of “12 Coastal-Themed Books to Help Kids Grow Their Understanding and Empathy.”

Counting Arctic Animals, written and illustrated by Coco Apunnguaq Lynge:

“Readers are invited to join Kuluk and Asa as they count all the animals they see, from one bowhead whale to 10 wolves. Rhyming verses feature intriguing collective nouns (think “a blessing of narwhals” and “a bob of seals”) and an Inuktitut word—ulu, which is a crescent knife traditionally used by women. Meanwhile, playful illustrations in a pastel palette depict the animals in their natural habitat. Counting Arctic Animals is an enthusiastic introduction to numbers, Arctic animals, and Inuit culture.”

Akpa’s Journey, written by Mia Pelletier and illustrated by Kagan McLeod:

“This sweet story explores the incredible lives and migrations of thick-billed murres through the journey of one family. . . . Descriptive language, including several Inuktitut words, and detailed illustrations draw readers into every stunning scene. Akpa’s Journey is an inspiring story about an incredible species with universal themes about perseverance and the love and dedication of parents.”

You can read about the full list of books here.